Archipelago's New Home...

Recycling a building...
16-20 Sidney Street, July 2008 onwards
Since July 2008, this former industrial building at 16-20 Sidney Street, Sheffield has been our new home. One of the few remaining 19th century cutlery works in the city, the building consists of a complex of rooms & offices around a central courtyard, typical of a traditional works. Based close to the city centre, in the heart of the CIQ (cultural industry quarter) and near the Persistence Works, Showroom Cinema, Workstation & Site Gallery, the buildings previously housed an engraving works, pen-knife manufacturers, recording studios & a building-site office before we took over and have quickly become our ‘home’.

The numerous large rooms in the buildings have given us the opportunity to accommodate and develop our screenprinting studios, including T-shirt printing facilities, and we were immediately able to continue with our studio and framing works following the move from our former premises.

Now, following our extensive renovation works during the last 12 months, the building and courtyard have been transformed and we are now open to general visitors. Our two gallery rooms are almost ready to host our first exhibitions in the late summer (’09), and the warren of rooms and corridors houses a selection of our collection of digital & screen prints  and original artwork, which are available to purchase.

Before the renovation...

The entrance to the courtyard

The courtyard (viewed from the first floor)

Renovation of the front gallery

Hallway between the two gallery rooms

MORE PICTURES of the restoration work on 16-20 Sidney St.... (click)